Mary Loring, a 39'10" wooden sailboat for sale. Asking $35,000 or best offer.

Pictures Down Below and Cockpit
Specifications and plans of Mary Loring.
Inventory and Information about Mary Loring
Working on Mary Loring
Pictures of ML under sail

Mary Loring driving to windward. Picture by Click on picture.

I have a Classic Wooden Sailboat for sale, it was made by Paul Luke in 1947 and designed by Winthrop Warner in 1941. I have had it for 16 years and have enjoyed working on her and sailing her. It's time to sell it and buy a smaller wooden sailboat such as a 21 to 24 foot Cat Boat.  Mary Loring is 39' 10" long, beam 10', 6' draft and weighs 11 tons. 

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