Mary Loring, a 39'10" wooden sailboat for sale. Asking $35,000 or best offer.

Pictures of Mary Loring
Pictures Down Below and Cockpit
Specifications and plans of Mary Loring.
Inventory and Information about Mary Loring
Working on Mary Loring
Pictures of ML under sail

Pictures of Mary Loring under sail

Mary Loring at IHYC Classic Boat Regatta taken by click on picture for more pictures.

ML with 2rd reef and a 100 sq.ft.storm jib.

ML on a 30 degree heel. Time to put in a reef, should have done it at a 25 degree angle of heel.

ML sailing at the end of the day and with a clean wake.

The perfectly balance helm in all types of wind with proper sail.

ML returning home with a fading wind.

ML with a nice 15kts and legs dragging in the water.

 Movie of ML sailing in 12 kts of wind going 7 kts thru the water.  Click on link under this message.

CLICK HERE here FOR MOVIE of Mary Loring under sail

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